Rockpool Pottery

Living on the North Cornwall Coast is living the dream. Inspiration for our work comes in boundless waves (pun intended!) from all aspects of this wonderful land. From the dramatic cliffs, powerful waves, the resultant sea foam and the shapes carved into the rock, to the rock pools, home to amazing creatures, clinging onto a precarious life against the sea. 

Both women, Jayne and Elaine –who have seen a few years pass by now– are able to freely express themselves in their work. No inhibitions, no worries about what people might think, just pure joy and exuberance in the process of creating.

Our interpretations of what we see and feel are different, but we think they compliment each other. Perhaps not in form as such, but in what we are inspired into trying to portray, and how they sit together as final pieces.

Commissions can be taken to create a piece for you. However, there might be a delay in receiving your treasure whilst we build them, as we fully subscribe to the Cornish philosophy of dreckly (it’s not too bad really!)

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